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Chris C

30th June 2023

Thank you so much for the hayfever booster yesterday.  The first injection worked amazingly and its only when it wears off that you realise how much you suffer, even though there is something out there to help.  My symptoms of red itchy and swollen eyes, tickly and scratchy throat, runny nose, sneezing feeling you have asthma have all disappeared!  It really is amazing, and if anyone out there recognised any of these symptoms, you really should get a hayfever injection!!!  You don't have to suffer, when there is a solution out there!!


15th May 2023

Massive difference yesterday morning!! Skin is really plump and tight.  I have a few injection site lumps to go down but nothing major and no bruising on the eyes but OMG I bloody love what the Botox has done for my top lip, legend!


15th May 2023

My lips are feeling amazing!  Very sore yesterday but feel normal today!  I love them and can't stop looking at them!  Thank you!! The pain was worth it :) 


10th May 2023

Just to let you know that your deft aesthetic touch has produced fabulous results.  Totally thrilled with the look.


29th April 2023

I just want to say a huge thank you.  I have not had the best year so far, but you've made me feel like a new woman, and we haven't even done yet xx


6th June 2023

Thank you so much Tony, my lips are the most perfect shape.  I've wanted this look for so long and you're the only technician who has got the desired look.  Thank you so much x

Alice W

5th December 2022

Very happy with my experience with Tony and AKW Aesthetics. I was in need of a skin boost and so I hired the LED therapy machine. My skin definitely feels refreshed and renewed. Tony was knowledgeable about what he does and was on happy to answer any questions. I would definitely recommend.

Andrea B

24th November 2022

First time ever having any work done and felt that Tony really listened to what I wanted and made sure I felt comfortable. He took the time to really explain the procedure, exactly where I would benefit and what features didn't need enhancing.


The process itself was quick and relatively pain free - sharp scratch from the needle but that's it. I can already notice a big difference where I had some crows feet so I'm excited to see the rest of the results when my Botox settles.


Thanks Tony! 

Sonia S

6th November 2022

This is the best place to come and get treatments.  Tony is very professional and takes time to reassure you on any concerns you may have.  The fact that he has years of experience is a bonus,

Sarah S

18th October 2022

Super friendly ad made me feel at ease.  Will defo be back for my next B12...and maybe some other treatments.

Kym B

10th October 2022

Had a really good experience today, would highly recommend Tony.  Had the anti wrinkle treatment, all f my questions were answered and I felt at ease.  Procedure was pain free and have a follow up booked in 2 weeks.  Full aftercare instructions provided and every step explained.  Thank you for being so accommodating, first class service!

Louise C

26th September 2022

Today consisted of a fair few needles!! But you have absolutely nothing to fear especially being in Tony's hands. I had anti wrinkle Botox in my forehead and around the eyes and it was a breeze. Tony went through everything from start to finish and also sent on all the aftercare advice for me to read through at my own leisure. After the Botox I had the Fat dissolver injections in my chin and tummy (mum pouch), again everything was discussed beforehand and the areas were numbed before the procedure. I was 
made to feel very relaxed about all the treatments and Tony answered any questions I had!! Highly recommend to both ladies and gents :D 

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