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Who We Are


Anthony Williams

Owner & Lead Aesthetics Practitioner

A friendly, bubbly personality from Northern Ireland, Anthony (AKA Tony) is an RAF Veteran, Nurse of over 20 years and now a fully qualified Aesthetic Practitioner.

Tony has a massive passion for sport, especially Rugby and Football, and an even bigger love of music, ensuring he gets to as many gigs or festivals each year.  He also isn't adverse to a little bit of karaoke when the mood takes him.

Tony has two beautiful teenage girls who live and France, and has developed AKW Aesthetics with them at the forefront of his mind, so that he can plan his working life to ensure he spends as much time with them as possible. 

07400 221010

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Claire Clark

Specialist Ear Practitioner

Bio to follow.

07305 134552

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